Saturday, 31 March 2012

Nue 19.04

Keep on tracking on the designers I've met at the Fairs during the PFW, I would like to tell you about Nue 19.04, whose artistic director is Cyril Paillot.
The first thing that strikes the eye and the mind is the strength and breath that breathes its inspiration in drawing on the arts such as music, painting, travel and history. These creations reveal a virtuous relationship with materials, how they must fit the body and a mixture of smooth and rough where the union of color and contrast it offers them are like a combination of bitterness and passion for sensuality. His passion and his  desire for originality enabled him to create a world that has opened the doors of his business of 17 years. Two years later, he presented his first collection. And throughout his career he has invested, has dreamed of his collections and has materialized with passion on behalf of various brands. NUE 19.04 is now the result of these experiments, a brand sensual, sassy, and rock delicate. The fluidity and transparency of certain materials, chiffon silk satin, cotton knit extra fine, curl and wrap themselves with more rustic materials such as cotton, leather or washed denim worn .......Of this shock, a new identity is born, destined to be a single but multiple. 

Winter 2012

Summer 2012

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