Friday, 30 March 2012

What to wear - Menswear

What to wear - Menswear by Hacket!

Hacket has been given several tips on what to wear in differente occasions. 
Inspired in a very preepy dandy look, the British based brand offers 8 different looks and I have selected some of them!

Garden Party

Garden parties are increasingly dressing up affairs and more often than not require sophisticated semi-formal attire. If strictly formal attire is the word, refer to our "Wedding" look for accepted formal attire worn to such events. A considerate host will indicate the direction for correct dress code, though in summary, the correct tone for gents will usually be smart trousers, a crisp shirt and a lightweight jacket, a tie is optional.

The British weather, aside when you dress for a garden party, consider wearing colors that will compliment the garden surrounds, although darker colours for jackets and trousers may be preferable and will hold up better as seating at tables may not be an option, and you may find that the resting place for your plate is your lap!

White Tie

'White Tie' is the pinnacle of formal dress for gentlemen and is unwaveringly specific in terms of dress code. Once the reserve for opera, ballet, charity balls, and royal events, the standard White Tie evening attire is the pre-requisite for those attending grand dinners and city occasions such as embassy and Lord Mayor functions. The black tailcoat is cut very high at the front and has a peaked lapel; the tail should finish at the back of the knee. Trousers are black formal trousers, with satin seams on the outside leg, never with turn ups or cuffs, trousers have a fish-tail back and thus, are worn with braces instead of a belt. A white starched Marcella waistcoat, a wing collar, attached with two studs, a white plain stiff-fronted cotton Marcella tunic shirt, and a white Marcella cotton bow tie, self tie of course. 


Picnicking on ‘Smith's Lawn’ within the Great Park at Windsor or divot stomping at halftime, Polo is an outdoor sport, so dress according to the weather. 

If you happen to be a guest in the VIP section or if the polo match you're attending is a major tournament, charity benefits match or special event, you may want to dress up. Opt for sophisticated, comfortable yet tailored looks, colors should be classic and subdued, and your ensemble should not attract undue attention. A classic cut linen suit and tie or bow tie will make the grade.


There are no strictly observed dress codes for the Ashes or Wimbledon, but a British gent sees every occasion as fair game for dressing up. Iconic British sporting events can be no better served than in a simple ensemble of fresh linen shirt, club tie, smart navy blazer and crisp white cotton or linen chinos. However, consider that cricket and Wimbledon tournaments can turn into a long day and being outdoor events and British summer weather being what it is, dress with a meteorological eye and consider taking a sweater to ward off the evening chill. 

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